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We continue our thoughts into season 12 and break down the Demon Hunter N6M4 build.

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In this episode we do our Diablo 3 blizzcon breakdown, discuss the start of season 12, the new meta, and break down a Necro DPS build.

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The last episode of season 11. We break down the season, discuss our plans for season 12 and breakdown the top necro support build.

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In this episode we discuss the PTR, challenge rifts, upcoming season adventures, beer, and a plethora of random thoughts!

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More Season 11 and 2 Necro build breakdowns

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In this episode we discuss Season 11, the necro, challenge rifts, and break down the Rathma's set.

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Season 10 breakdown, Necromancer beta closure, convince The Great Deani to do a panel at con before the storm

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We discuss the season of mourning, Necro testing, and break down the newest WD build to hit mainstream.

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In this episode we go over the latest builds we've been playing in the necromancer beta and our overall feel on necromancer gameplay.

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Necromancer beta, season 10, DH build breakdown

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We give our take on Season 10 so far.

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Season 9 breakdown and a Season 10 teaser

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Kulle Story Bro - Episode 62
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Kulle Story Bro - Episode 61
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Kulle Story Bro - Episode 60
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