Kulle Story Bro - A Diablo 3 Podcast

In this episode we discuss Diablo 3 season 16, the latest information for Diablo, and different way to play Diablo 2

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In this episode we breakdown our Blizzcon experience and give our opinions on Diablo Immortal

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In this episode we give our opinion on what to expect for Blizzcon and the Diablo franchise, and we talk briefly about the current season and what plans we have for the remaining season. 

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Some Diablo hints were dropped and we give our thoughts on it.

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Our first Episode of Season 14. We give our thoughts on themed seasons and what would like to see in the future for themes. 

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In this episode we answer a ton (for us) of emails, talk about Blizzcon(!!!) and discuss a give away!

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We crawl off our death beds to talk about old news, season 13 and 2 wizard build breakdowns

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It's been awhile, so we go on a long ramble about taking breaks and the possibility of Diablo 4 

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